International Flights Route Map and Airline Contacts

International flight routes from Cape Town International Airport and contacts directory for international airlines and flight schedules.


Cape Town International Airport International Flight Routes

The route map and flight planner shows all the international flight routes operating out of Cape Town International Airport.

Airline contacts for all the airline operators providing international schedules out of Cape Town International Airport are also provided, along with international destinations information and links to the airline flight schedules.

We provide a regularly updated and accurate International Flight Routes Map to assist in making plans for your journey and a full airlines contact directory with route details, website links and contact telephone numbers to all their "local" information and enquiry offices.

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International Flight Routes Map

cape town airport international flights route map
International Flights Route Map for Cape Town International Airport
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International Flight Routes Airlines Routes and Contacts

International flight routes, airlines, contacts and flight schedules
air france logo
Air France
Paris-Charles de Gaulle +27 (0)86 134 0340
austrian airways logo
Austrian Airways
Vienna (Seasonal) +27 (0)11 209 0430
british airways logo
British Airways
London-Heathrow, London - Gatwick (Seasonal) +27 (0)11 441 8400
cathay pacific logo
Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong (Seasonal) +27 (0)11 394 0905
condor logo
Frankfurt (Seasonal) +49 (0)6171 69889200
edelweiss air logo
Edelweiss Air
Zurich (Seasonal) +41 (0)848 333593
emirates logo
Dubai-International +27 (0)86 136 4728
+27 (0)11 390 1215
ethiopian airlines logo
Ethiopian Airlines
Addis Ababa +27 (0)11 616 7624
klm logo
Amsterdam +27 (0)11 961 6700
lufthansa logo
Frankfurt, Munich (Seasonal) +27 (0)86 184 2538
qatar airways airways logo
Qatar Airways
Doha +27 (0)86 186 1868
+27 (0)10 201 5800
singapore airlines logo
Singapore Airlines
Singapore +27 (0)11 880 8560
thomas cook airlines logo
Thomas Cook Airlines
London - Gatwick (Seasonal) +44 (0)1733 224 330
turkish airlines logo
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul +27 (0)86 188 7547
+27 (0)11 994 6200